Energy Monitor Systems

Energy Monitor Systems (EMS) puts you in control of your energy with monitoring solutions based on open source hardware and software. Read all About it here.

***** WARNING *****

Please note that this site is still being built and the products you see in the shop are still not in releasable production form. The site has been made visible before it is ready because we believe that being completely open, building things live and getting feedback very early on is the fastest and best way to get to it to where we want it. If it’s going to break we want it to break now before we really need it to work and be right!

By all means try out any of the functionality available on the site. Just understand that:

1) If you place an order it won’t be shipped  (You wouldn’t actually want us to ship you something in an old business card box that has cut outs made freehand with a scalpel now would you?)

2) Anything you see on the site could change before we are in a position to take and fulfil orders

3) Prices are displayed because we need to display a price in order to test the site, not because we are offering the product at that price (hopefully they won’t actually cost that much in the end!)

4) We may or may not respond to support tickets and comments depending on how busy we are

All interest and feedback will be gratefully received.

Thank you.

****** WARNING ******


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