EMS puts you in control of your energy with monitoring solutions based on open source hardware and software.

Completely Open Source

The hardware and software we supply was developed, in the main, by the Open Energy Monitor project. That project, in turn, is based on hardware and software developed by the Arduino and other open source projects. All the Open Energy Monitor project source code is available here on GitHub and the EMS Transmitter hardware on SolderPad. The EMS Receiver is a surface mount version of the NanodeRF board, which in turn is an open-source Arduino-like clone that has in-built ethernet and wireless connectivity through a Hope RFM12B wireless module (868MHz).

Buy it direct from the Open Energy Monitor Project

You can buy pre-built and pre-configured systems directly from the Open Energy Monitor Shop if you like. Or, if you are handy with a soldering iron and capable of building an electronic PCB from a kit, fancy hacking a bit of C/C++ in the Arduino development environment, installing and configuring a LAMP stack and the emonCMS software on your own Linux server or under Debian on a local RaspberryPi and doing the system integration and set up so they all talk to each other, then you can build a completely customised system yourself from the bits available from the Open Energy Monitor Shop and other suppliers of open-source hardware. That is what we did back in 2013 when this project began.

Or buy a customised system from us

On the other hand, if you want a customised solution developed to fulfill your specific requirements that works straight out of the box, then we can develop a custom Energy Monitor Systems package for you. Once you have it installed and sending data you can learn exactly how it works and tinker with it if you like. Or not if you really don’t want to know! If you want to add to it or change it then we can help you do that. If you break something in the process we will do our best to help you fix it.

Great web-based monitor software

In any case, enjoy seeing data about your energy consumption flow in to your very own data repository and see it displayed on the pleasing and easy to use display panels available in your web-based energy monitor console. Have a play with the Demo Dashboard now to get a feel for what it can do for you. Once you have your own Energy Monitor account, which comes pre-configured with your Energy Monitor System package, you can add to and modify the available displays and even create your own dashboards from scratch.

Now what could be easier or more open than that?

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